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Telling Stories with Data

storytelling.jpgCollecting data isn’t the same thing as extracting value from it. 

The value of data at hand depends on management’s ability to translate the insights in into actionable business outcomes. Visual Analytics refers to the visual exploration, representation, and communication of structured and non-structured data.  This conference will help managers appreciate the importance of developing these « last mile » skills that help managers, their teams, and their customers convert insights into actions. Using case examples from a variety of industries, participants will see how basic design and visualization principles can help them their story by the numbers. 

By successfully completing the Summer School Programme, you will earn 4 ECTS credits, as well as professional certificats.

July 15, 2017 at 6pm - 9pm

Will you come?

€1,000.00 Data Visualization - Advanced level Course
in this course you ll be taught in addition to the basic items a set of hands-on project in this fields with some problems to solve from real business cases.
€500.00 Data Visualization - Basics and understanding
in this course you ll be taught the basics of Data Visualization and necessary tools to get started with