Machine Learning

Business Analytics

Theme 3


Business analytics fuels “Big Data” initiatives around customer profiles, point of sales transactions, and operating performance.

Business analytics is defined as the study, integration, and application of knowledge, skills, and methods for using data, statistical analysis, quantitative approaches, and predictive modeling to enable data-driven decision-making, innovation, and leadership in organizations. Organized around case studies of business analytics in a wide variety of industries, this conference focuses on how machine learning helps management define, contextualize, and evaluate their business strategies.

By successfully completing the Summer School Programme, you will earn 4 ECTS credits, as well as professional certificats.


July 05, 2017 at 8am - 11am

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€500.00 Machine Learning Course
in this course you ll be taught the most common algorithms to be used in data analytics industing aiming to extract insight from data using R and Python languages